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Living all year round in a popular tourist destination I used (before COVID) to receive visits often; specially when living in Ponta Delgada where the international airport is located.

This is with my mother exploring the islands:

Driving my mother around Azores

To enjoy Azores is better not to be very picky at lunch time:

improvised lunch in São Miguel island country side

I like to move by bike whenever I have a chance, here we went to Sete Cidades, a huge volcanic cone with an interior lagoon:

biking around Sete Cidades volcanic cone in São Miguel island

This is near a natural hot springs in the South West coast:

with friends near Ferreria hot springs in São Miguel islands

Before COVID many people came to the Azores in big cruising ships, Xebec used to be moored next to them: a much smaller boat, but I was both the owner and the captain!

Xebec sharing the harbour with big cruising ships



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