Photos - hiking to Maia

From time to time the local town Council organize Sunday excursions to scenic places in the island, providing free transportation and guides in exchange for people picking up the garbage they may find along the trail; that's why you see us with those square shaped bags.

picking up plastic garbage while hiking down to Maia in Santa Maria East coast

This way island trails are kept spot clean all year round, the day these photographs were taken we were just able to fill half a bag of rubbish during a full morning!

Down the Lapa trail while hiking to Maia in Santa Maria island, Azores archipelago

Here we are at the beginning of the trail, just above Bahia do Cura (Catholic priest Bay), in the East coast of Santa Maria island:

Catholic Priest bay near Lapa, Santa Maria island

Being of volcanic origin, all of the Azores islands are full of caves, this one is very convenient for refreshing under the shadow before descending to Maia:

Refreshing in a cave over Maia before going down for the last leg of the hiking

The guide was Italian but very learned about the local history:

Listening to the guide while hiking to Maia

Maia is the tiny coastal town you can see behind us; they grow wonderful grapes (uva de cheiro) in those terraces:

Maia seen from above



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