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After several years trying to understand who rules the World and which are their plans, I came out with this theory based on the Collective Unconscious; I think it can be useful for understanding the current mankind situation in this planet and finding a way out of it.

I will begin with an interview made to Carl Jung in late 1938 where he explains who was really ruling Nazi Germany, and afterwards I will try to extrapolate his theory to our present time using my own experience.

In short, Jung said that Hitler was just a puppet of invisible forces generated by the German people unconscious minds, this may sound weird at first, but once you examine the facts all the pieces begin to fit and the implications are amazing.

The full interview can be read here (or in PDF), below I just copy the relevant parts:

H. R. Knickerbocker (HRK): What would happen if you were to lock Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin in a room together and give them one loaf of bread and one pitcher of water to last them a week? Who would get all the food and water, or would they divide it?

Carl G. Jung (Jung): I doubt if they would divide it. Hitler, being a medicine man, would probably hold himself aloof and have nothing to do with the quarrel. He would be helpless because he would be without his German people. Mussolini and Stalin, being both chiefs or strong men in their own right, would probably dispute possession of the food and drink, and being the rougher and tougher, would probably get all of it.

There were two types of strong men in primitive society. One was the chief who was physically powerful, stronger than all his competitors, and the other was the medicine man who was not strong in himself but was strong by reason of the power which the people projected into him. Thus we had the emperor and the head of the religious community. The emperor was the chief, physically strong through his possession of soldiers; the seer was the medicine man, possessing little or no physical power but an actual power sometimes surpassing that of the emperor, because the people agreed that he possessed magic—that is, supernatural ability.


HRK: Anybody who takes command of one hundred and seventy million people as Stalin has done is bound to be interesting, whether you like him or not.

Jung: No, Stalin is just a brute, a shrewd peasant [...]

Hitler is entirely different. His body does not suggest strength. The outstanding characteristic of his physiognomy is its dreamy look. I was especially struck by that when I saw pictures taken of him during the Czechoslovakian crisis; there was in his eyes the look of a seer. There is no question but that Hitler belongs in the category of the truly mystic medicine man.

As somebody commented about him at the last Nürenberg party congress, since the time of Mohammed nothing like it has been seen in this world. This markedly mystic characteristic of Hitler’s is what makes him do things which seem to us illogical, inexplicable, curious and unreasonable. [...]

HRK: But why is it that Hitler, who makes nearly every German fall down and worship him, produces next to no impression on any foreigner?

Jung: Exactly. Few foreigners respond at all, yet apparently every German in Germany does. It is because Hitler is the mirror of every German’s unconscious, but of course he mirrors nothing from a non-German. He is the loudspeaker which magnifies the inaudible whispers of the German soul until they can be heard by the German’s unconscious ear. He is the first man to tell every German what he has been thinking and feeling all along in his unconscious about German fate, especially since the defeat in the World War, and the one characteristic which colors every Aryan soul is the typically German inferiority complex—the complex of the younger brother, of the one who is always a bit late to the feast. Hitler’s power is not political; it is magic.

HRK: What do you mean by magic?

Jung: To understand this you must understand what the unconscious is. It is that part of our mental constitution over which we have little control and which is stored with all sorts of impressions and sensations; which contains thoughts and even conclusions of which we are not aware.

The unconscious mind


Now, the secret of Hitler’s power is not that Hitler has an unconscious more plentifully stored than yours or mine. Hitler’s secret is twofold:

  • First, that his unconscious has exceptional access to his consciousness
  • And second, that he allows himself to be, moved by it.

He is like a man who listens intently to a stream of suggestions in a whispered voice from a mysterious source and then acts upon them.

In our case, even if occasionally our unconscious does reach us as through dreams, we have too much rationality, too much cerebrum to obey it. This is doubtless the case with Chamberlain, but Hitler listens and obeys. The true leader is always led. We can see it work in him. He himself has referred to his Voice. His Voice is nothing other than his own unconscious, into which the German people have projected their own selves; that is, the unconscious of seventy-eight million Germans. That is what makes him powerful.

The German Collective Unconscious influencing Hitler, the German people and itself again
The German Collective Unconscious influencing Hitler, the German people and itself again

Without the German people, he would not be what he seems to be now. It is literally true when he says that whatever he is able to do is only because he has the German people behind him or, as he sometimes says, because he is Germany. So, with his unconscious being the receptacle of the souls of seventy-eight million Germans, he is powerful, and with his unconscious perception of the true balance of political forces at home and in the world, he has so far been infallible.That is why he makes political judgments which turn out to be right against the opinions of all his advisers and against the opinions of all foreign observers.

When this happens, it means only that the information gathered by his unconscious, and reaching his consciousness by means of his exceptional talent, has been more nearly correct than that of all the others, German or foreign, who attempted to judge the situation and who reached conclusions different from his. And of course, it also means that, having this information at hand, he is willing to act upon it.


In comparison with Mussolini, Hitler made upon me the impression of a sort of scaffolding, of wood covered with cloth, an automaton with a mask, like a robot, or a mask of a robot. During the whole performance he never laughed; it was as though he were in a bad humor, sulking. He showed no human sign. His expression was that of an inhumanly single-minded purposiveness, with no sense of humor. He seemed as if he might be the double of a real person, and that Hitler the man might perhaps be hiding inside like an appendix, and deliberately so hiding in order not to disturb the mechanism.


I couldn’t help liking Mussolini. His bodily energy and elasticity are warm, human, and contagious. You have the homey feeling with Mussolini of being with a human being. With Hitler, you are scared. You know you would never be able to talk to that man; because there is nobody there. He is not a man, but a collective. He is not an individual; he is a whole nation. I take it to be literally true that he has no personal friend. How can you talk intimately with a nation?

You can no more explain Hitler by the personal approach than you can explain a great work of art by examining the personality of the artist. The great work of art is a product of the time, of the whole world in which the artist is living, and of the millions of people who surround him, and of the thousands of currents of thought and the myriad streams of activity which flow around him.


But now let us leave this aside and let me tell you what my therapy is. As a physician, I have not only to analyze and diagnose, but to recommend treatment. We have been talking nearly all the while about Hitler and the Germans, because they are so incomparably the most important of the dictator phenomena at the moment. It is for this, then, that I must propose a therapy. It is extremely difficult to deal with this type of phenomenon. It is excessively dangerous. I mean the type of case of a man acting under compulsion.

Now, when I have a patient acting under the command of a higher power, a power within him, such as Hitler’s Voice, I dare not tell him to disobey his Voice. He won’t do it if I do tell him. He will even act more determinedly than if I did not tell him. All I can do is attempt, by interpreting the Voice, to induce the patient to behave in a way which will be less harmful to himself and to society than if he obeyed the Voice immediately without interpretation.

So I say, in this situation, the only way to save Democracy in the West—and by the West I mean America too—is not to try to stop Hitler. You may try to divert him, but to stop him will be impossible without the Great Catastrophe for all. His Voice tells him to unite the German people and to lead them toward a better future, a bigger place on the earth, a position of glory and richness. You cannot stop him from trying to do that. You can only hope to influence the direction of his expansion. I say let him go East.


So I say, studying Germany as I would a patient, and Europe as I would a patient’s family and neighbors, let her go into Russia. There is plenty of land there—one sixth of the surface of the earth. It wouldn’t matter to Russia if somebody took a bite, and as I said, nobody has ever prospered who did. How to save your democratic U.S.A.? It must, of course, be saved, else we all go under. You must keep away from the craze, avoid the infection. Keep your army and navy large, but save them. If war comes, wait. America must keep big armed forces to help keep the world at peace, or to decide the war if it comes. You are the last resort of Western democracy.

The key question is: "why the unconscious minds of most Germans (or whoever) become evil?", my guess is that this happens because of a number of personal decisions that imply betraying one's intimate essence, basically to decide doing something we don't really want to do while immediately "forgetting" that decision relegating it to our unconscious mind; it's like having to decide between dealing with a conflict either inside or outside us, maybe it's easier to understand it with this graph:

The unavoidable decision
The unavoidable decision

One possible example of these intimate decisions could be when the Nazis began marginalizing the Jews, many Germans would feel uneasy with the situation because they had nothing against the Jews, but to oppose that official policy implied a conflict with their environment (the Nazi regime) and they preferred to ignore the issue and live peacefully with the regime, relegating that intimate conflict to their unconscious mind and becoming themselves part of the problem.

But it happens that these "intimate unconscious conflicts" get independent of the conscious mind and begin influencing it without the person noticing it, and also contribute to the Collective Unconscious; in other words, the more intimate conflicts a person have in his/her unconscious mind the more evil and/or unbalanced he/she gets. It's like a vicious circle, the most you relegate conflicts to your unconscious, the more likely it is to do the same with new conflicts, it's as if the person begins rotting spiritually for having given up following his/her intimate essence.

Furthermore, this unconscious conflicts make the Collective Unconscious behave in strange ways, too much often in a kind of self-destructive way, in a similar way that somebody with mental health problems harms himself, it's as if it tries to compensate what he couldn't get in the normal way by using indirect ways; the easiest examples are those of children who get frustrated because something their parents did or said, and afterwards behave in aggressive or egotistic ways without an apparent relation between both facts; it's the same mechanism at work all the time.

A more actual example of this intimate conflicts could be that of a nurse providing medical treatments that she believes make more harm than good, but as it's her job and she just follow orders, she prefers to ignore that intimate conflict instead of getting into trouble with her superiors and probably losing her job.

There could be countless examples, but the key point here is that these "unconscious conflicts" become "evil psychic entities" that influence both the person conscious mind and the collective unconscious to which that person is connected, so the more intimate conflicts people relegate to their unconscious minds the more evil these people and the whole society become.

My theory is that it's a kind of "Global Collective Unconscious" who really rules the World by using "crazy mediums" like Hitler, it's generated by the psyches of most people in developed countries and its real goals are just these two:

  • Spiritually destroy as most people as possible, and
  • physically destroy the planet so people who didn't betray themselves can't enjoy it

This is a childish attitude like saying "if I wasn't able to follow my intimate essence and enjoy life, I don't want other people to do it", and it translates in those 2 goals; I believe this is the origin of Evil in the World, and thanks to the technological advances the effects of it are more devastating than ever.

Of course there must be a handful of people who control the World physically, the same way it was Hitler and a few more men who ruled Nazi Germany, but they are just puppets controlled by these psychic entities coming out of the Global Collective Unconscious, and they don't realize it because the entities are far more intelligent than all of us, typically they use pseudo-mystical and magical paraphernalia to fool the people, it has happened all the time in all ages.

In short, what is happening now in the World is this kind of psychic positive feedback loop:

The forces ruling the World come from most people unconscious minds
The forces ruling the World come from most people unconscious minds

So the root of the problem is a "positive feedback loop" where many individuals' unconscious minds become unbalanced, and this causes the Collective Unconscious to be altered in such a way that ends up putting some "crazy mediums" as dictator/s that in turn control the society and influence it in such a way that it becomes worse, all this just for achieving those 2 simple goals.

The psychic mechanism today would be the same than the one at work in Nazi Germany, but this time at a global scale because human society is now much more uniform, today an African and an European have much more in common than a Spaniard and a German in mid XX century, this is because of TV, Internet and globalization in general, so it makes sense to think that instead of many small Collective Unconscious we now have a very big one (the main stream one to call it something) and a few smaller marginal ones.

If we look back 20 years we find an increasing number of "intimate conflicts" that most westerners have had to deal with, the Covid story is perhaps the best example: how many people have doubted the official version and thought for an instant that those in power are trying to kill us? how many have repressed those terrible thoughts to their unconscious mind? most of them I guess; this is a terrific psychic energy generated globally at the same time, and if you look at it from this point of view it would seem that the whole story was designed with that goal in mind; of course those physical persons behind it never had that strange goal in mind, but the "psychic entities" who control them as puppets did have it and fooled those "Global Oligarchs" completely as they have been doing once and again for a very long time.

Proofs of this? there are too many, just look at all things done by the controllers during the last 30 years that don't make any sense at all from a materialistic point of view but make sense as a way of spiritually destroying mankind and its planet by causing this unconscious intimate conflicts.

Just a few examples:

  • In 1991 the Soviet Union falls and USA becomes the only global superpower, much ahead of a China still undeveloped; why wasn't the imminent global scarcity problem (real cause of the fall of the USSR) publicly acknowledged then? why USA didn't began building a sustainable future then at least for them and their close allies? it was the best moment for it.

  • Instead they began making terrible and unnecessary wars all over the world, why? for resources? really? but how much wasted resources cost those wars in the first place? sure there wasn't some smarter and cheaper way to get that Middle East oil? I'm sure there was, and no doubt it was far easier to reduce consume at home than to fight those wars abroad.

    My guess is that the war path was chosen for destroying both the attacked countries and the Westerners minds and souls, which since them have a had a huge unconscious intimate conflict regarding the fact that their way of life was built upon the destruction of far away countries who had never made any harm to us.

  • And what about the worldwide flood of mobile phones and screens? 30 years wasting resources for having each single human being in this planet in front of a screen most of the time, what for? what's the sense of it? why they didn't invest those resources on something more pragmatical like warranting the production of healthy food so people can enjoy better health for example?

  • Why they have been 50 years building a world where you need to own a car to have a "normal" life? first oil shock was in 1973, why did they continue afterwards promoting private car ownership in the most aggressive possible way? just for profit? sure? lack of intelligence? prevision? common sense? or there is "something" more?

  • And what about TV, how many intimate conflicts has created, specially in young people? which roles does it transmit? that's how they expect to promote the human qualities needed for surviving the hard years ahead? is that the "cultural legacy" of western countries? who decides what's on TV? which are their goals with it? are those spiritual or material goals?

  • Why take most of the industry to China and food production overseas? was it just clumsiness? lack of foresight? just crawling for profits? those who forced those changes were defending material interests? sure?

  • What about Geo-Engineering? those who own the planet are destroying it with the excuse of saving it... really strange, isn't it? but it makes sense if those people behind it are just puppets of psychic entities trying indeed to destroy the planet.

    The last thing Hitler wanted consciously was to destroy Germany and its people, but that's what he did in a record time of just 12 years, because he was just a puppet of powerful psychic entities that, among many other goals, were seeking that particular outcome in Germany.

  • And last but not least, why traditional religions are in such a decadent state? it would be logical to keep them healthy and strong to compensate "spiritually" for the lack of material things in a world of increasing scarcity.

    It's impossible for everybody in this planet to own a car, but all of us could enjoy a plentiful spiritual life, and this costs ZERO resources, it may even help saving resources because people pursuing a spiritual life tend to consume much less; so why the real and healthy spirituality isn't promoted? why is it buried as much as possible under tons of garbage and lies?

There are many possible examples, but the essence of them is always the same: decisions and policies that doesn't make sense from a material point of view because are following those other 2 goals: destroying mankind and its planet.

If things are as described, I could think of several possible developments or strategies:

  • Following Jung's advice: try to diverge the current course in some "less bad" direction than the actual one; this of course depends on those with real power.

  • Use the mass media to heal the people's individual unconscious minds, and that should lead to a Collective Unconscious healing; this way those psychic entities ruling the world will lose their power in the same proportion that people regain their spiritual health.

    In practice this could imply just stop telling lies, begin telling truths and doing something sensible regarding the current world situation. In the beginning it's hard to tell the truth, but later things use to improve.

  • Those in the middle floors of the pyramid are the most interested in getting rid of those "crazy mediums" and their "global oligarchs", they don't do so because they believe they are protecting their material privileges and will keep doing so, now that it's increasingly clear that this is not the case, they could just get rid of them and assume power themselves.

  • Those in power now could make some catastrophic error that combined with the increasing lack of resources would precipitate their fall, that happened in Nazi Germany: it was the invasion of Russia and the scarcity of fuel that brought their defeat.

  • Some kind of sudden collapse is a real possibility, even implying mankind extinction and planet's death; hopefully this will be avoided somewhat.

Obviously it's those with real power that can make a difference, those of us in the bottom of the pyramid barely can make small contributions like this article, with the hope that it helps to make things advance in the right direction.

So in short, I think what we must do is: pray, seek refuge in God, never ever submit to Evil, and do what we can to change things for the best.



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